White Water Kayak Improver Summer Camp
  • Plas y Brenin
  • 5 Days
  • 4 People to 1 instructor

White Water Kayak Improver Summer Camp

  • Paddle
  • Intermediate
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Running wild rivers is all about judgement. This week gives you the experience and skills you need to make those decisions as our highly qualified and experienced team help you reach the next level in a sport you're passionate about. You'll concentrate on developing boat positioning skills, refining your judgement and practical techniques to help you become a good white water paddler.

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The Objectives

You'll have built on your foundation skills in more challenging river types such as bigger volume, tight and technical and drops.


* Please note: Itinerary is subject to weather and availability.

You'll start the week at local venues to work on your existing skills with our friendly instructors to help you improve. Then over the rest of the week, we'll travel to some great locations around North Wales where we'll coach and train you on white water skills - this is where the fun begins!

Experience Required

Confident on grade two and want to move to the next grade
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How should I prepare?
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Available Course Dates

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Course Start Date
Course Start Date
21st July, 2025
5 Days

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